Megaman Video Paks

anyone know the secret note combo for the megaman video paks by cuckoo and TE?
what are your thoughts on it?
do you think teenage engineering will start to do stuff with VR?

Fantastic if you are twelve. I’m fifty six, so I’m not really overwhelmed.


You guys actually tried them? I’m very very impressed… Actually i played with then for about an hour last night and i think it is the closest i have come to hallucinations without actually taking any drugs… Man they are trippy!! The images are super vivid, and there is so much you can do, at one point megaman held up his hands like " what’s going on!!" Lol!!
They are really good you guys!! Try them!!

Ha, the megaman one is cool af, anyone figured out how to put the helmet on?

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I kind of know what you mean. If I did a show with megaman projected I would look a bit stupid for my age. Something a bit more abstract might be good for the more mature among us!

i mean megaman first came out in the states in 1988
so if u were like lets say 12 when it came out
u would be 45 right now
right in the nostalgic wheelhouse for many around this age

tbh some kids (not all but prolly some) right now are prolly like wtf is megaman?
and think its lame too.

so not really sure the age thing means anything :man_shrugging:t5:


Yeah Megaman is kind of iconic to kids/teenagers growing up in the late 80’s, and probably also to younger people who grew up in late 90’s early 2000’s by way of the reboots/super smash bros.

If you press the middle C key it toggles an ASCII type of effect which I find really cool

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