Melodica Rig

- YouTube

cool vid!

Dude on the end looks like he’s got some breath controller and something that turns the push encoders into buttons.



looks like a custom accessory that fits over the microphone… to focus air blown and activate the mic somehow? didn’t see him using the encoders while blowing into it on the video, but that would totally kill- if they released a new firmware update which included push encoder functionality along with a trumpet accessory pack of the microphone mouthpiece and the encoder caps!!!

haah TE is great

They’re all using the od11 speakers too.

I haven’t seen the vid but could it be that he use this strange accessory to activate the LFO with the microphone on the appropriate mode?

That dude is David :slight_smile:

Look at the screen on the OP-1.Is that an LFO page?
It looks different ,but hard to read on my iPod.

It is the effect section for CWO but it could be that he plays something with the keys and blow in the accessory to change a value with the LFO mic stuff?

Oh yes ,so it is.thanks @Eti