MI Clouds (Eurorack Module) For Ableton Live

Anyone else see this new M4L Plugin?

It’s a M4L software version of MI Clouds and Parasites!

I LOVED this module when I had my wee euro setup. Capable of huge sonic textures.

I’m making sure I download this tonight before the guy realises how huge this is and decides to charge for it :wink:

Haven’t tried the hardware or this ableton version but been digging all the MI ports available on Organelle past couple of weeks. Very cool patches and Organelle in general is making me want to get in to modular… Not something I can afford to let happen tho :wink: Thanks for posting this, will grab it and check it out.

Tried it and liked it very much!

Good spot. Have downloaded. Playtime awaits.

Boo, seems to be Mac only :frowning:

Havent downloaded it yet.

Isi it actually MAC ONLY or is that just a default spec?
Isn’t a M4L file the same for PC/Mac?

Gonna try download it tonight and see how I get on with PC :wink: