Mic in using something like iRig Pre with an adapter?

I was kinda hoping to use a decent condenser mic with a mobile preamp to capture vocal or acoustic instruments or even just to make field recordings directly to tape.

I have an iRig Pre and figured it might work if I get a mono 3.5mm adapter (or something else) - or is that a really dumb idea? Has anyone else had any luck using a similar setup?

Also - when I arm a track for direct mic recording the OP-1 captures the sound of its guts which though very charming and can be used to great effect at times, is just interference and noise - is this part of the deal with an OP-1? Is it actually possible to get a clean mic in signal and if so how?

i don’t see why this wouldn’t work. its not looking for power from an iOS device is it? i think u would need a TRSS (3 rings) to TRS (2 rings) adapter to plug into the op1 using the built in iRig cable or just use the headphones output?