Mic options for Vocoder

Which mic are you using for your OP vocoder?

My headphone/headset mic works great but I can’t jam with others live because the audio output is going into my headphones (obvi).

When I plug in a regular dynamic mic it doesn’t seem give it enough signal to engage the vocoder even tho it records plain vox to tape no problem.

My zoom h4 works pretty good too but in a jamming situation that’s too sensitive.

So what’s the ideal mic for the OP-1’s vocoder in a loud(ish) jamming environment?

Please share your findings !!

the M1 Headset is great and can be re-routed with its audio thru

I tried an iPhone headset, not that great. Had best results so far (shown in the video I uploaded) with the use of the internal mic and my normal in ear Sennheiser earphones. Whatever you use has to be a line level input so if you want to use a dynamic mic you’ll have to run it through a preamp first. Remeber OP-1 Field supports some USB audio devices, so consider using your Zoom H4 since you have it but plug your dynamic mic into it instead.

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How about the Tula microphone? I bet that would work nice.

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Op-z works great as an usb mic.