Mic to midi

Im sure this has been suggested, and ive zero idea if the mic is even wired in whatever way, but a mic to midi note record (humbeatz stylee) would be really special! Looking at the OP-1 history, it doesnt seem like well ever get an op-z mk2…but…fck the daft whammy bar button and change it to a sample mic rocker, that captures audio onto the tape and can convert it into midi. And then get someone with taste in colours and materials to render a longer lasting product. Because, frankly, ive just bought a £15 powerbank that feels far better that whats on the op-z. Not all of us live in awe of the 90s. Op-1 being Kubrick was/is cool. Op-z looking like a psp1 add-on-after thought is pretty strange, coming from a company that prides itself 1st and foremost of design aesthetics. (not the layout, workflow, encoders...all the important stuff...all of that is beauty...im just moaning about the superficial. But then, who wants a cool house that has been painted by a soul-dead brutalist thinking " oh, this contrasting irony is obviously not pretentious enough!". TE, always for me, bittersweet joy. ps; what`s up with R? Any new news? GRANT S…any word? (your Japanese seems beyond superb amigo) jx

and of course, a few sexy new video graphic packs would be kinda sweet TE, please.

I like the pitch bend…