Microbrute - how do the keys feel?


Thinking of the Arturia Microbrute as something fun and handy to keep around the house.

The keys are not pressed down, right? I think I can be OK with that. But how big do they feel?

I love the OP1, but would want the Microbrute keyboard to not feel so cramped.


  • Joe

Maybe you mean the Microfreak? Microbrute keys need to be pressed down, I think. In case I’m right: I have a Microfreak. I really like it. The keybed is a bit special, but I like it, too. If you are just after a replacement keybed for the OP-1, maybe you should look for a keystep?

Yes! I mean Microfreak!

Again, although the key action is “flat” with the Microfrreak, I want to avoid keys that feel as cramped as the Korg NanoKey and the OP1. At least for my next purchase.


The keys on the Microfreak are easier to play than those on the OP-1. It feels more natural to play chords, at least for me. But it’s not a no-brainer, you need a bit practice to hit the right keys. The Microfreak delivers a lot for it’s price, so even if you don’t like the keybed it’s not a waste of money. Maybe there is a chance for you to try it before buying.

I have a microfreak and quite like the keybed. It does feel slightly smaller than ‘normal’ keys like on a keystep. I definitely hit more wrong notes as there isn’t the physical feedback of depressing a slightly off note, so I have to watch my hands more and it takes practice.

On the plus side it is really good for more percussive and fast playing. I haven’t make so much use of the sound modulating capabilities of key input (I don’t think it transmits/receives over midi) but it is cool when I have.

Worth noting I am utterly crap at playing keyboard anyway and I’ve never played an OP-1.

Beyond the keyboard it does sound amazing. It is a great companion to my OP-Z. For purely portability reasons I’d love a microfreak module without keyboard.