MicroGranny 2.5 Success! I found a way for OP-Z to trigger the 6 presets in a single bank

I read somewhere (possibly here?) that OP-Z was only able to trigger one sample on the MicroGranny, and additionally most videos I have seen of the OP-Z controlling MicroGranny has OP-Z only affecting one sample. This was upsetting to me, as it takes away some of the beautiful glitchy functionality of switching between samples on the MicroGranny.

MicroGranny has the ability to trigger the 6 samples in a single bank once you turn on the “TUNED” setting, and put your midi instrument output to the lowest octave range. However, when I put OP-Z in the lowest octaves available, for some reason OP-Z will not trigger the 6 presets it will only trigger the same sample on the MicroGranny in the lowest octave (usually resulting in no sound whatsoever). Finally today I read another post on this wonderful forum which explained that OP-Z Tracks 1-4 (Drum and FX) do not respond to octave changes, and previously I had routed MicroGranny to the Track 1 Midi Out. So I changed MicroGranny to accept notes from Channel 5 from the OP-Z and sadly nothing changed. It was still doing the same thing no matter what note or octave I changed the OP-Z to, it never triggered the 6 samples, just would play whatever sample I had selected last on the MicroGranny.

What worked for me is this. (NOTE: I am no programmer so perhaps there is probably a simpler way)

On the iPad I opened up AUM, and created a keyboard midi-input (KB-1) for my OP-Z via Bluetooth on Channel 5. So when I play the note on the KB-1 keyboard it will play the note on my OP-Z. My OP-Z is connected to the MicroGranny via a RetroKits RK-005, on Channel 5. I octaved down the KB-1 to trigger notes on my OP-Z on octave range C-1 and magically, C-1 and the next 5 notes up on the KB-1 triggered the 6 samples on the MicroGranny. I recorded a pattern and it works.

Whats crazy is that when I see the pattern playing on my OP-Z only the C notes light up, even though, different notes are obviously playing to trigger the 6 samples. Maybe this is a CC note thing? I have no idea. Just happy I was able to get this to work!

¡UPDATE! for any MicroGranny and OP-Z users. If you trigger a preset within the respective MicroGranny sample bank (using the method above) than you can access the tones and chops of the MicroGranny (different cuts or pitch levels) from that point forward until the preset is changed via a lowest octave note change (again, using the method above).

Example Workflow - Let’s say Pattern 1 of the OP-Z uses 3 different MicroGranny sample presets, but you want to explore the different pitches of just one of those samples on Pattern 2. On Pattern 1, trigger the lowest octave notes that respond to the MicroGranny via a Midi keyboard -> OP-Z -> MicroGranny and record the notes. On Pattern 2, trigger the lowest octave note you want to play around with via Midi keyboard -> OP-Z -> MicroGranny and record the note (or you can play with the last sample triggered from Pattern 1). Than any step following that trigger will respond normally to your OP-Z, midi keyboard, or both allowing you to access different chops or tones. If you return to Pattern 1, it will again go back to the 3 samples you recorded via steps on the OP-Z.

I am very excited about a jam I have been working on that explores some of this functionality. Going to mix it with a buddy soon and hope to share!

As promised here is the song…the female voice coming from the Microgranny

Did anyone solve this without having to go through an iPad app? I just got a MicroGranny and it would be great to control which sound is played through midi.

Nice song by the way, @Drewamerica. Uplifting morning music!

i’m surprised the Z can’t do this on its own?

the MG wants MIDI notes 0-5 for each of hte 6 sample buttons.
and it also responds to MIDI notes 24-65 to play one sample chromatically or granularly

do tracks 5-8 on the Z not go that low?

Yeah me too. But I think the original poster is correct you can’t go low enough down the octaves on an OP-Z. I tried on tracks 6 and 12 with no luck.

I also tried triggering the microgranny from my microfreak with octave set to -3 and it didn’t work so perhaps I’m missing a trick. It was also 2am when I tried so…

every device is a little different. your MF may not be low enough either.
plug your devices into your computer or phone and use a midi monitor app
to see what midi notes are actually being sent instead of just guessing
would be the easiest most foolproof way to suss it out.

to be fair, midi notes 0-5 is like so low most people never use those notes on a traditional instrument. the sound would be basically like a super low rumble if barely audible at all.
so i could see why some devices // synths would omit this.

what version is your MG running do u know?
if i recall there was a MIDI note bug that was fixed in the final version 2.5
u can tell if u have v2.5 when u turn the device on there should be a little dot in the bottom corner of the screen during hte lil startup sequence

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@dhunterrr Thanks for the comments! When I posted this almost 2 years ago I realized that my OP-Z to MicroGranny issue may have been a little too specific for anyone to care, so I am glad that I am able to add a little insight.

Since this post was made, I have sold my OP-Z (which I now regret, as it seems as though the Monome Norns community has found new uses for the OP-Z) and bought an OP-1 and a Digitakt.

But what I recall about the MicroGranny and OP-Z setup is that you just need some way to trigger those low octave notes on the OP-Z to hit the sample slots of the Microgranny. Use an iPad, iPhone, or a midi keyboard and record those notes in, record the CC valus while you are at it to create even more madness on the MicroGranny!

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Thanks for the suggestions @docshermsticks @Drewamerica and sharing is caring! The amount of information on this forum is incredible.

I came up with a couple workarounds which work ok for me and don’t require an app (which personally I’d like to avoid).

First, I have a keystep and that can go low enough to trigger the 6 microgranny pads. I could record those low notes into the OP-Z sequencer and it triggered the microgranny 6 pads.

Second I put the steps directly into the OP-Z (no keystep needed) and then using shift+minus to drop the octave of the notes down and it triggered the microgranny pads ok too.

Worth mentioning I was doing this on OP-Z track 15 which I have mapped to midi track 12 (the max midi channel of microgranny), which adds some complications: basically I can’t hear properly what I am triggering… Either the direct input OP-Z note isn’t low enough to hear the different pads, or using the keystep and midi mapping track 15 to 12 I can’t record notes into 15 and trigger 12 at the same time, but my midi setup is quite basic.

Hopefully that is helpful for someone for the future!

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I tried sequencing the microgranny from OP-Z track 12 (Master) but it doesn’t send the midi… no problems playing the microgranny via op-z key buttons, no problem sending midi from track 16, 15, 14, or track 15 mapped to track 12. I tried this previously with microfreak and same issue, so I’m sure this is the op-z.

Anyone else experiencing this issue with no midi sent from track 12 Master? I haven’t ever seen an online demo of anyone sending midi from track 12. Perhaps someone can test?

Ok I finally fixed how to sequence external gear from track 12/Master track.

On track 12 you need to set the notes to be “free” rather than “latch”. You do that by holding the track button and rotate the blue dial clockwise until the LED goes blue.

Magically that meant the notes in the sequencer were actually sent. I don’t know why.

Hope that helps someone in the future with a microgranny or any gear they want to run from track 12.

Hi there :gem: did you manage to sequence MicroGranny with opz just by dropping octaves on the opz? Thanks!

When I tried before the op-z keyboard could not drop to a low enough octave, but you can after recording your steps then drop it low enough by (I think) holding shift and then the minus key. This isn’t ideal as you don’t hear the correct sounds when inputting steps.

After recording, keep the patten playing, press shift and minus to drop the octave a few times and the single sound it currently plays will get lower and lower, ridiculously low, and then snap into playing separate sounds from the microgranny. You need to know which op-z key targets which microgranny pad, which I can’t remember right now.

Hope that helps

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Yea sweet I thought that’s what you meant! drat it’s a pity the opz can’t go low enough. i was just about to cop the module to pair with microgranny as i imagine it would be beautiful twisting the granny about! I do have a qunexus midi usb keyboard so if i got the module i could use the 3.5 out from oplab to MG and use the midi keyboard into opz to input sequences with velocity, perhaps even map the other clever keyboard parameters from the squishy pads elsewhere in MG? scrolling through grains with velocity sounds nice

Thanks for the deets

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I have a Korg nanokey studio and I’m pretty definite I had that and the microgranny both connected to the OP-Z and the nanokey could go low enough to record steps and hear the right sound. Having an external controller does open up the possibilities of both the OP-Z and the microgranny.

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