Microphone not working?

Hi all, I’m having an issue with the built-in microphone on the OP-Z. The mic barely picks up any sounds – mostly recording mostly white noise. I updated to the latest firmware and tried different volume settings. Using an external mic, such as my iPhone headphone, works fine.

Maybe related: sampling from iPhone (via official camera connector kit) also only produces white noise.

Both the mic and sampling from the iPhone used to work just fine. Any ideas?

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Tried hitting shift in sampler mode and put the 16 steps volume up?

Kja, Thank you. I just did that, but white noise just got louder, you faintly hear my voice if I speak.

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Update: it’s a firmware issue, not a hardware problem (relief). But I couldn’t yet figure out what’s going on.

The only thing that worked so far was factory reset and then updating to the firmware that first introduced sampling. There the mic works, and I get the usual feedback loop when using without headphones.

If I update to the latest firmware, or the one before, it doesn’t work, the mic barely picks anything up, no feedback etc.

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Hi there, I just decided to try my mic for the first time now I have a decent hardware mixer with send/return with the hopes of getting vocals to my NTS-1 via OP-z but I see to be running into the same issue with the latest firmware, are you still running into this issue and therefore on a way earlier firmware?

I’m a plonker, I had the Filter turned all the way up. Just checked the I/O page and saw it, phew!

did anyone figure out this issue?