Microphone / Tape Hiss

I’ve found that the OP-1’s inbuilt microphone actually records surprisingly well, but in order to get the level loud enough to overdub on top of other tracks (even if you record those other tracks with the gain right down), you have to have the mic gain very hight. This means there’s a real hiss on the tape.

Does anyone know if I’d have this problem if I plugged in a handheld mic (via a preamp and the line in), i.e. is the hiss a problem with the mic or with the tape?


It’ll be a mic noise.
I haven’t tried handheld mic in input,I use a mixers preamp first,then input to OP-1.

Thanks Spheric_El. So if I invest in a decent mic, and run it through a preamp and then into the op-1, that should mean there’s no (or at least minimal) hiss?

Yes-for me.Its like recording hardware into it,works fine for me.
There is often some hiss with mic and preamps-I use budget equipment -SM58 or cheap condenser.Condenser shows up more noise-It ain’t a problem.The sound in a mix context is generally good.