Hello, my name is Niko and I’m a new user of OP-1 !

I want to sample my voice, but I don’t see the mic icon on the screen of my op-1…
I followed this procedure :
press synth
press shift + 1-8
choose sampler
press 1-8
press shift + mic
choose microphone as input
hold any key and speak

I have make a reset, but I still do not see the mic on the screen ! Maybe you have an idea ?
Thank you so much ! and sorry for my bad english…

Do you have a cable inserted in the line-in socket? If so maybe remove it and you might see a mic picture instead of that picture of a jack connector? Guessing there’s a way to select between the two without removing cables tho?

Hello, thank you for your reply.
No, I don’t have a cable inserted !

I’ve had this problem once. Try plugging in a 3.5mm jack in the mic input of the op1 and plugging out.

I think the issue with this is that the op1 thinks that there is cable plugged in when it’s actually not.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Exit shift and mic ,in mixer, sometimes turns off mic, have to reselect mic by hitting mic to turn it on. Press mic to make sure mic is on,not off. maybe.


Thank’s all !
still no results… I think it’s hardware : when I unplug a jack, sometimes I see the mic icon and disappears… and I don’t see dust inside. :frowning:

Try switch on on with the jack in the socket, or vice versa.

Changing the I/O board may fix it…