MIDI arrrrrgh ?

Can anyone tell me if it is even possible to control the OP-1 from an external MIDI source without the OPLAB. I use a hardware sequencer because I like the workflow. I can use a PC with a MIDI interface as a go between. Does anyone know if there is a USB /MIDI utility for PC ?

I am new to the OP-1 and it seems the documentation is . . . well . . . less than . . .never mind.

thanks for the help

There is no really need to document OP-1 MIDI implementation, because it’s very simple. OP-1 just recieve MIDI notes, and 4 MIDI CC (from 1 to 4). CC messages used by MIDI LFO. And there is a MIDI channel selection (both for IN and OUT) under connect button (hit connect, then shift, choose chan with the knob). That’s all.

For your question, what sequencer do you have? It has MIDI DIN, MIDI USB, CV, or something else? And what MIDI interface do you use?

Basically, you have to just plug in your sequencer into MIDI interface (if it’s MIDI of course), then to you PC, plug OP-1 into PC too, and launch some program which will route MIDI messages from MIDI interface to OP-1. There is a bunch of suitable apps, like MIDI Monitor for mac.

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Hey what sequencer are you using? You can plug the OP-1 right into a computer and get midi i/o. So if your hardware sequencer is sending midi into your computer you can just route that to the OP-1 just by having it plugged in to an open usb port.

Can you control the transport functions on the OP1 tape externally via midi, or at least sync start/stop?

Can you control the transport functions on the OP1 tape externally via midi, or at least sync start/stop?

I’m trying to get transport start/stop to work too and so far haven’t had any luck, Running my OP-1 into the computer and using Cubase Pro 8.

I am able to get play/stop to work using the midi clock in midiflow for iOS, but not record. I’d settle for being able to trigger recording with a key press on my midi keyboard, but I’m not sure how set that up.

have u tried holding rec on the op1, then triggering play from midi?

I have. So far it only seems to start recording when I hit a key on the OP1.

What about shift and record?

@Undisturbed_Media - yes it is possible to play via MIDI without the OPLab. The OP1 is a USB client MIDI device, which means though it cannot host a party itself, it would happily play in one. E.g. connect it to computer via the USB cable, and you can play using a MIDI keyboard (just get some software that would route it from keyboard-out to op1-in), it also reacts to CC1,2,3 and 4 for remote control. You can also connect it to an iOS device (phone or ipad) using Apple’s “camera” kits which provide lightning or 30-pin to USB type A conversion… I think it syncs automatically to incoming midi clock, don’t rely on it being a great “master” clock though.

Is this the MIDI thread?

Just confirming that there’s no way of making the OP-1 the master clock when using Kenton USB MIDI host? (ie. this: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/feb12/articles/kenton-midi-usb-host.htm )

Also MIDI In running to the OP-1 doesn’t pass the same signals to the MIDI Out port, any way to rectify this?

@automating. pretty positive OP1 can send midi clock as master.

don’t think there is a soft thru for passing midi from in to out. u could get a separate midi thru box.

I’m able to get the OP1 sending midi clock just fine. My issue now is getting it to receive start/stop clock properly.

Using Sync mode, I am able to trigger recording on the OP1 through certain iPad apps, but it always jumps to the beginning of the tape (instead of where I have the play head set up to loop). Bummer.