MIDI between Elektron boxes and OP-1 Field breaks when USB charger connected to USB Hub

Hey! I’m back in this forum again after a long hiatus (I sold all my hardware a while back but have just brought most of it again because I really missed it).

Anyway, hopefully someone can help me out. I’ve got a Syntakt & Digitone plugged into a USB-C hub that goes into the Field and have MIDI working as expected. Enjoying this set up a lot… BUT… when I plug in a powered USB connector to the hub (to charge the Field while I use it), it kills the MIDI and the Field just doesn’t receive notes anymore. It’s driving me nuts. The USB power is being delivered from a proper charger not my Mac etc. It’s quite frustrating as I’d like the Field to be charged while I use it.

I just tried using AUM on my iPad and have the Field using BLE MIDI so can charge it but and now MIDI seems to receive MIDI fine but now transport for the tape to play and stop from the Syntakt :woozy_face: Plus the iPad isn’t charging so now I still have one device that will crap out on me when the battery dies.

Anyone else have a similar set up and can offer some tips? I’ve pretty much tried everything. Thanks!