MIDI between OP-Z and OP-1 Field

I just got both an OP-Z and an OP-1 Field. I’ve been curious about best ways to use them. If you have found good workflows you love, feel free to reply in here.

A lot of the YouTube videos I found on connecting them are from years ago and also tend to feature the original OP-1. They all indicate you need a USB type C to type A adapter. I don’t know if it’s because that’s an original OP-1 vs. a field or if this got patches in firmware updates–but you can just go straight USB C male to USB C male between the two devices and they will talk to each other. I’ve confirmed this for both MIDI and sending audio from OP-Z to OP-1.

I really like the Field for sound design, and having a screen with UI is helpful. I suck as a keyboardist though, so I love using the sequencer in the OP-Z to line up notes precisely. You can have the OP-Z drive a voice you design on the OP-1 with the following steps:

  1. Hold mixer and metronome together, this brings up midi settings. It’s probably best to look at them on the phone.
  2. Pick a track that will drive the OP-1, and set it to channel 1 on this screen (easier to do in the app)
  3. On the OP-1, press shift-COM
  4. Press 1 to pull up midi settings, make sure midi channel is set to 1 and notes are set to in.

You can set the clock to both on the OP-1, and then pressing play on either device will trigger the other to play. Very useful to precisely record something on the OP-1 that’s sequenced on the Z.