Midi clicks/pops using sequencers with 1/8" and USB connected

I love how this thing can record the midi from the sequencers and stuff but there are always pops and clicks from the new midi messages coming in when monitoring from the 1/8" audio out. All good using a midi instrument and no 1/8" but I was just wondering if there was a way around this, to be able to still sync midi to a computer but still use the sequencers and 1/8’ audio out. Any ideas would be appreciated. [[am I doing it wrong?]

have u tried turning usb charging off? this sometimes alleviates noise issues when plugged into the USB.

yup usb charging is disabled.

damn, i was hoping this was going to be a sakamoto glitch thread…

sakamoto glitch where ?
this usb is really delicate after all

@thor - its more Alva Noto / Sakamoto collab stuff, but this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyTYmParaqI

i gave lot of copies of this one through my record store when it came out ,great staff simple and mesmerizing

@aswefallintostatic This is amazing - Thanks for putting this here. I wasn’t familiar… It’s beautiful.