Midi Clock and Using Tape for Live Performance

Hi all,

I’m about to pull the trigger on buying the OP-1 and as such have been scouring the internet to better understand its features. I have struggled to find info on midi clock in combination with live performance with tape.

For live performance, I plan to send the OP-1 midi clock from my Boss RC-300 looper pedal. What I am hoping is that the OP-1 will recognize the clock as slave, and I can use Tape to start/stop tracks 1-4 to help augment my loops from RC-300 based on its tempo.

However, I also plan to use the 6 mins of Tape as a ‘session’ for live performing. So, the first 30 seconds of tape would be song 1 tracks, the next 30 seconds song 2… etc. each song would be a different tempo based on the RC-300 clock.

Is this possible?

My feeling is that this won’t work very well. But try it at a music shop?

I think you’ll get a much better answer and set of potential process/workflow options, problems, etc… if you can list out what it is you want to do. I get the looper pedal and op-1 in general… and I get the interest in changing tempo… but what kind of content do you want to play/loop on the OP-1… what kind of content do you plan to play/loop on the looper?

I suspect at the end of the day you’re better off letting the OP-1 be the master… but it’s going to struggle in tempo transitions… and while you could manage this between songs manually… I don’t think it’s really the right tool for what I think you want to do… though there are plenty of ways to attack the problem.

Thanks. Basically I want guitar based loops to stay on the RC300 and keep the OP1 separate for synth and drum loops via the Tape. I am hoping that I can sync the two devices.

My music is mostly guitar based so the RC300 be the starting point for most songs thus would drive the tempo as master. The tempo would be different each time I start a song by looping the guitar, depending on the tempo Of the initial guitar loop.

My workflow idea is to have my set list laid out in order on the Tape and to shift over to the appropriate tape loop for the song I’m playing on guitar. I’m hoping the tempo from the RC300 will be sent to the Tape on OP1 to control the playback speed on OP1.