Midi clock only from Oblab midi out

So I have op1 as master clock connected to Oplab and using midi-out on the Oplab to midi-in on the volca sample. I hit play on the op1 and the volca starts in sync, the problem is that if I have a sequence going on the op1 it starts to trigger midi notes on the volca. Is there a way to disable midi notes from being sent/received and just have midi clock only? I could use mode 5-jack sync, but there is another issue there with cv1 sending a lot of noise to the volca if it’s connected to the line-in on the Op1 (I’ve tried turning on/off the charging cable option, but still noisy). Also I don’t want to have Oplab as master clock since I don’t like the tap tempo way of working (would of been nice if there was a tempo knob on the Oplab).

did you figure this out? trick I use is just to set Op1, or analog synths to different midi channels. On Op1, shift>COM to your MIDI settings. Now without changing modes, hold shift and a midi ch option appears. Try sending the op1 sequence of notes to an unused midi channel.

You should generaly set each device to another Midi Channel. Only if you espacialy want a device to trigger an other with notes. Then use same Channel.

yea, finally found the midi channel switcher a while ago but totally forgot about this post. Gonna have to try the setup I had in mind again.