Midi configuration op1 on ableton

Hello guys i don’t have much experience with a daw, i ve just bought my op1 and I m trying to use it on ableton live, I have no idea how to configure it, so after I insert the usb I select the op1 stand alone from .com but , so when I play a key actually the midi channel receive the input but it doesn’t give the audio, not even the volume bar of the imput is visible on the midi channel , I can also record but no audio. Also if I select .Disk saving my tapes on my Mac when I pass it on ableton the tempo of each of them is completely different. I hope the answer can be easy for someone, I don’t have any experience on it.


Please check https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/1904/quick-dirty-graphical-guide-to-operate-ableton-live-with-op-1#latest or https://www.reddit.com/r/OP1users/comments/7gctxl/tutorial_quick_dirty_graphical_guide_to_operate/

Hi @giavan.
If you want to record the OP1 in Ableton, you are best not using the midi control mode.
If I have you understood correctly then make sure the OP1 audio out is connected to your computer audio interface and record audio into an audio track.
Better still, drag your tape audio tracks off OP1 onto your computer and chop up in audacity or Ableton. A good tip is record your voice (via inbuilt Mic) onto OP1 tape saying bpm for each beat, just after or before your loop. That way, when imported it’s easy to recall bpm.

Thanks for your answer , regarding the midi mode I tried but apparently this script works on ableton 8 , I found the upgrade to ableton 9 but I didn’t find the right one working on ableton 10 , anyone solved it ?