MIDI controlling OP1 parameters

Hi, long time OP1 user, short time MIDI interested, first time posting!
I love the OP1, but I miss the possibility of manipulating every parameter from the same place, and parameters from different sections at the same time.
Would this kind of manipulation be possible with a MIDI with multiple knobs?
I’m absolutely no expert in MIDI domain, so it’s hard to understand how OP1 MIDI works.
It would be a game changer to have velocity and full parameter options on the same hardware MIDI!
I would love to use something like Komplete Kontrol A49 with the OP1.
I can also accept a MIDI with just knobs, and keep the no velocity 2 octaves piano from the OP1.
Thanks in advance.
P.S: I checked the other topics, I thinks no one asked about this. I hope to not be wrong!

midi control of parameters can be done with the MIDI LFO in the LFO menu
u can control 4 parameters at once via CC1-CC4

Hi, thanks for answering.
Does that mean I could assign maximum 4 parameters from different pages to external knobs?
And to do that I will loose the LFO effect too?

yes thats correct

ouf that’s a bit sad… Well so I won’t need more than 4 knobs on the external keyboard.

great for the OP-Z to sequence parameters with the midi LFO, and it’s not as limited as you might think.

omg. Today i was kind enough to take another look to the Qunexus dual CV input which can be accessed via TRRS connection and I found out some quirks but also one of the best CV to midi converter out there and it’s lightning fast!

I’ve soldered a cable for that and i can know control two Parameters independently from each on the Op-1 and the Midi LFO!! It basically treats the OP-1like Analog gear!

i was confused because if you send a signal to the Inputs which is not Unipolar the Qunexus automatically goes into this random Note sequencer which is in tune but no documentation or whatsoever in the manual and that let me down sometime ago!
confusing enough this also puts out notes and Modulation on channel 1 even if default ch is 2 or a channel of your choice for the modulation. Nevertheless it’s a great way to show there’s something wrong with your Signal, go check it, switch it to Unipolar Signals.

buuuut, it is supposed to be one of the best converters when used with Unipolar Analog signals like LFOs, Gates or envelopes and it’s damn smooth or lightning fast I can tell!

iam so stoked that I finally did this and I have plugged everything possible to the Qunexus but needed some time, almost years for that stuff to understand correctly.

it’s the best Controller for hybrid setups and a wonderful pad controller aswell.

I feel so sorry and so stupid that I cannot understand what you are telling, really!
But thanks for answering again. I’m not into solding, but my quest for a good midi for the op1 is still on

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all good.

basically it’s a feature that lets you modulate OP-1 parameters from Analog Gear like Synths, LFOs and envelopes etc. and it’s also a Great addition for the Z.

the ability to feed it with different modulation sources turns the Op-1 into a whole new universe of sound design.
this way you can run a Drum or Synth sequence and modulate any Synths,Sample,Envelope or FX parameter of your choice, from external gear or sequencers and this is such a killer thing on general dynamics, something like the polyend tracker demos spit out recently.

imagine a Modulation on pitch and retrig on a running drum sequence with unquantized tempo and everything that a modular can do to modulate other stuff!!

iam so stoked because i could have been able to use this combo 8 years ago but NOW is the time that I actually discovered the possibility to use it and it saves me a lot of money because I stick to the OP-1 and ever since i come up with things that put another big distance between the OP-1 and all other gear out there.

that’s the TE magic, just sayin‘

Thanks again!
Could you show some exaple of what are you doing? It looks really interesting!

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