Midi Issue

Hi guys. Having an issue I hope someone can shed some light on. I am syncing my OP-Z with my Elektron Analog 4. I am using a powered 4 port USB Hub, and an M-Audio Uno midi interface connected from the hub to the A4. Everything is synced tight clock wise, transport controls working, PC messages being sent from Z to A4 and working. But for some reason, the Z keeps sending midi information to the A4 that’s completely messing up the patches. It seems to be enabling the LFO, changing pitch, and pretty much making the patch unrecognizable and not in a good way. What am I missing here? I will work fine for a while, and then it seems to happen randomly.

prolly whats happening is the Z is sending CC’s that correspond to things on the A4

the manuals usually tell u what CC’s match what params
i know u can change them on the Z

not sure what your options are on the A4 but would look into those as well

That’s a great point. I will check what CC’s are being sent. Hopefully I can shut that off so to speak, I don’t need control of the A4 from the Z…