Midi out

Hi everbody

I have an op-1 and wishes to use its sequencers to drive other midigear. How can I do this the easiest way? I have an ipad but would be happy if i could use something smaller as a midihost…something.


You will need a USB host to use the OP-1 with other MIDI gear. A USB host can be a PC/laptop/Raspberry PI, iConnect4MIDI+ (works great), iConnectAudio4+, Kenton USB Host, or BomeBox. This will translate the OP-1’s USB signal to other USB-MIDI devices.

If you are just using it with an iPad, and not wanting to use MIDI cables, then a camera connector will work to connect just the OP-1 and iPad.

Hope that helps!

There’s also Inspektor Gadget’s “Cerebelusb”.

It’s been “coming soon” for a few months now, but it seems promising :slight_smile:
I think the guy showed his thing in NAMM, on Elektronauts I saw a video extract somewhere [edit : got it]
So it’s for real.

^if this gives me a midi in on my op1 i will cream jeans.

that is the smallest looking on eyet! can't wait till they get to built-in cable sized stuff.

from the looks of the website, i think its only midi out