MIDI Randomiser/Editor IOS?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hello I am new to the forum and new to production in general. Sorry for long explanation but I want this to be as full as can be so you kind fellows are more able to help me!
First off I have an OP-1 and a Nord Drum 2 and Pad, using a Kenton to connect both together. I love these two friends and they are good together. Zero problems. I also have an iPad Mini 2 for Tank Strategy!

I am very quick now at editing my drum machine and I am always smiling when I sequence and record straight to OPTape, sometimes I play stix from the Nord Pad too.
My friend has an Elektron Rytm and showed me two apps on IOS, Strom and Collider. Amongst other things they randomise the sounds on the Rytm.
Now I want to randomise the sounds on my Nord Drum 2. Not sequencing though, not interested in that.
I saw TB MIDI STUFF and thought I could build maybe a randomiser?
I thought maybe 16 (or more) random or s/h LFOs that send cc numbers to Nord Drum 2 when I press a single button. Can I do that or does anyone know af an app that would give me this function? Again I am not interested in Modstep or sequencing from iPad.
Only need one channel, not all 6 at once as Nord Drum 2 is so easy to copy and paste.

I am intending to release album purely using OP-1 and Nord Drum 2 and although I am proficient in Drum and sound design I wish to explore the boundaries more of the Nord as it is deep. I am producing in the style of Wolff Parkinson White and Venetian Snares or Otto Von Shirach.
Sorry to be the new guy asking for a hand but there are lots of good people here who I hope have more experience with the IOS side of things.
Thank you in advance I hope I have explained enough!


Dive bomber eh?

TB MIDI Stuff can send any random midi message so that may suit your needs.

Thank you for your help @ghostly606, I will have to buy it I think, I did read the manual but it’s not very helpful. I think it’s 4£ so it shouldn’t affect the rent money. I just didn’t want to get a new app and waste time fiddling instead of making strange blips and wobbles.
I’ll report back for anyone who maybe interested in the results…
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There are some examples on the TBMS website. The Ju06 editor has a patch randomiser button. Essentially, all knobs etc you add can be “randomise” enabled and there is an option to randomise all in the menu, but handy with a button.

Hey @ghostly606 thanks for your input, I have built my randomiser, was quite a laugh. Quite surprised I managed to work it all out without resorting to the manual or forums!
Worked how to get a single button to randomise the entire patch.
I will work at making randomise section specific for greater control.
It’s only basic as its only for me!

Quick screenshot, no laughing at the back!

I built an Arduino project that does just this (randomize CC to a MIDI output) and also constructed a few pure data patches. you can email me at consuming at gmail if you’re still looking for something

Thank you @000000, I will see how I get on as I do not have access to a PC, just my iPad.
Nothing like a bit of wild random nuttiness to explore a synth!
These open source boxes definitely interest me but my knowledge and skill set would severely limit my success. I’d need a community behind me just to get going!