Midi Remote Skript

Hello dear community,

i would really like to use the op-1 to remote my Ableton live 9 sequenzer. I install the midi remote skript properly. I switched the op-1 as well in midi control mode. Everything works fine more or less but when i select : “select scene” to move that blue rectangle over the clips in the session-view of Ableton, it moves to left and right with
the “back” and “forward” switches of the op-1 BUT as well it moves the cursor/songposition. So the sound jumps forward or backward depends witch switch i press. Does anybody of you knows how to solve that problem? It happen on winxp32bit as well on win7 64bit. Thanks a lot in advance!

The problem is fixed!! Thanks to Nuno from Imaginando!! I contact him, he replies to me within 5 minutes. The next day the problem was fixed and he sent me a new skript that works properly. Very nice and quick service!!! Thanks again!