MIDI Surf presets for the OP-Z: Hands on controls for everything!

Hi everyone, I posted a while ago about a free, customisable, web-based MIDI controller that I made called MIDI Surf. I’ve added features that enable you to save and share your presets and to celebrate, I’ve made a bunch of presets for the OP-Z that enable you to access lots of functionality that’s usually buried deep in menus. I made a video demoing the controllers:

I particularly like the Tape track controller, it’s so much fun. If you’d like to use the presets shown in this video, it’s as easy as clicking one of these links, and it’ll take you to MIDI Surf and offer to import the controller:

You can also make and share your own presets. If you make anything neat, share a link to it here!


Holy cwo! That’s amazing thank you!


Love it. And got a question… I haven’t looked at the midi implementation chart lately but is there any hint of being able to edit patterns (ie steps, and step components etc?)
The hardware buttons (particularly shift) are a real drag, but the opz brain is golden. I’d love to be able to write patterns without needing to use the hardware buttons

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Unfortunately not, although I think it’d be pretty tricky to implement editing the sequencer with MIDI, I think the messages would have to be pretty complex. Regarding shift, you can set the active track and parameter page using MIDI CC, which covers some of the functionality, but you can access punch in effects or step components.

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Agree. TE seem to have a very “make music with your ears not your eyes” philosophy, so I assume they’ve either not implemented midi edits on the steps or haven’t documented them.
Anyone got friends/contacts who know what’s in the firmware? I remember someone was trying to reverse engineer the file system a while back…