Midi Sync OP1. OPZ and Boomerang Looper

Hi guys,

What kit would I need to midi sync my OP1, OPZ and my Boomerang Looper?

The Boomerang looper has standard midi in/outs, whilst the OP1 and OPZ both transmit midi over USB.

I think I could link EITHER my OP1 or my OPZ with the Boomerang using a Kenton midi host (but not both the OP1 and OPZ at the same time).

But the Kenton only offers one USB host port - any way I can connect 2 USBs (OPZ and OP1) with my midi Boomerang Looper?

remmeber your Z is a USB MIDI Host itself

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I know I can sync the OPZ and OP1 and in theory I can sync the OPZ with the Boomerang using a USB-Midi cable, but Iā€™m not sure how I incorporate the OP1 into the mix.

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