Midi via m-audio uno + adaptor?

Found an m-audio uno that I must have bought like 10 years ago and never used. Works fine with rest of my setup going -

DAW>KENTON 5>Analog Keys>AK midi thru>M-audio UNO>IPAD beatmaker midi thru>OP-1. Powered USB hub involved too.

But its a pretty tangled route! I’d like to not be forced to use Ipad as a midi thru. Anyone know will a (op-1 sized) USB adaptor on the Uno USB connector work going straight from AK to OP?

Also I can play/sequence midi notes from my DAW with the above setup, but transport doesn’t seem to start/stop OP? Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Unfortunately not, the Uno needs a computer (or iPad). It does not have USB host capability. Solid little unit though, I use one myself. Check out http://compasflamenco.com/usb-host-midi-p-6.html?language=en&zenid=hU4NZEVkLfLQrQISNqs1q2. Cheapest I can find.

Ah that’s a shame, thought I was miraculously not going to have to spend any money when I found the UNO in an old box of junk here :wink: Thanks for the info and link tho I’ll check it out :slight_smile: