Midi without oplab -- kingston usb-c hub, AUM

It seems to me that the module has some issues, and i want to leave the slot open fr better stuff in the future – any ideas? a note, my setup is based around iOS. the powered usb hub is letting me connect/sync.control everything with midi, OP-1 sending clock over seems to work best – if it is slave clock drifts way too much, and if op-z and op-1 are set too send and receive midi, lag with op-1 is awful.

possible solution – get a keystep – basically an oplab, but you also get velocity sensitivity, should be able to use as master clock?

other solution, get a retrokits dealio, rk-005 or rk-006 should play. in this case i wouldnt need to buy another keyboard controller (keystep), but because i currently have no need for cv/gate, this is expensive.

gear:op-z, op-1, POs, keylab essential (keys all work finem some of the slider jump a ton which is obnoious), friends hooked up a digitone and tb-03 the there night as week. currently own no gear than needs c/v gate.

I use the Meeblip Cubit Go.


It’s got multiple Midi outs and it’s fairly inexpensive and well built.

Only minor drawback is that it requires power from the OP-Z but it’s not a massive drain and would certainly cope with a live set and decent use.

I’ve had the OP-Z running midi for both my Modular set up and my Arturia Minibrute with no issues at all.


so if i were to connect this to my usb-c hub connected to my iPHone/AUM, i could sync with devices that use click tracks? thanks for the reply and the cheaper option! any downsides to this vs the keystep, minus cv/gate?

wow cool so you found the power drain to be ok on the opz? couldn’t hear it or nufin?