Midi woes

I’ve read through the big midi posts here but did not want to derail those threads with my issue.

Trying to achieve this

I don’t get 16th step notes, it’s kinda random 3 or 4 then a pause, then a long one, then more random. Eventually ending up with one long sustained note from Op1 which is locked in and requires me to switch it off and on again to stop the note.

All settings seem to be correct. The CCK is new and I’ve tried 2 different USB cables. Totally confused. I seem to be a magnet for these connection issues.

Can anyone shed some light and help this is a bit of a downer


In my experience, getting a MIDI connection between the OP1 and my iPad is a bit hit and miss. Once I get a connection though I get on OK. Never used that app, is the gate quite short to avoid overlapping notes?

Thanks for the reply. Yeah note length is short. I cannot get it to function as is in the video. It’s seems pretty simple routing. Just double checking for silly user error.

On a side note - I’m right in thinking you can’t set a scale in the op1 to help non keyboardists? A feature request maybe?