midiSequencer and the OP-1

Hola amigos,

I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya, but I wanted to share a tutorial I just made for controlling the OP's midi LFO with midiSequencer on the iPad. Please check it out!



nice, you’ve got the voice made for tutorials. Looking forward to more OP-1 vids.

would you be able to do a tutorial that demos multiple synths sequenced through that app? I’d like to see that.

I could but as @spacetravelmadeeasy just pointed out in another thread, it is just one sequence. The only real addition to this video would be that I was sending the channel function to two different sources step by step, note by note. So in the part where I show how to set each pieces channels, you would just make sure to have the other synth set to a number you want to adjust to in midiSequencer.

If there’s any other OP related videos you think need to be made, I’m all ears. I could always sneak that function in another tutorial. :slight_smile:

Nice work @CSwinn, what I love about the video is it reminds people to experiment! Thanks for that.

I am not sure if you were going for a yellowish look but I would at least turn off auto color balance and any auto stuff in your recording rig.

Thanks @dimi3! My rig is an ipad4 on top of a TV tray for now, so I may need to rely more on natural lighting than fluorescent. Unfortunately there’s no color balance kind of options.

It definitely looks a little funky but I just needed to get my first one out there and improve from here I think. Thanks a lot for watching, if you or anyone have any affordable camera options, I’d love to hear em!

I like my iPhone but you need to get things set-up. Most guys I have seen have been on GoPro’s.

your set up is clean and great. Color balance should mitigate what type of light you have… in the end white is white…

Agreed you can just get full spectrum lamp with daylight/ bright white and pop it on desk lamp or something. If you do any drawing or fine detailed work I’d recommend Ottlites from the inventor of stop motion animation.