Midisprout (Midi DIN to usb interface help)

So my midi sprout kit arrived this week (yippee). I’ll be looking to get it built shortly. As it has midi din output, can anyone rcommend a convertor (midi to usb)? Not used a din cable in 20 years haha!

You are looking at a Kenton USB Host type thing. Or there was a recent Raspberry Pi build. I use my iPad.

Cool concept, there doesn’t seem to be any way to actually buy the midi sprouts though, can’t find any shop on the site. Were you a kickstarter?

Yeah. They were mega delayed, there was a backer level with midi interface I think but I thought I’d try a save a bit of cash :-s


Weird project ! Interesting. Let us know what you can do with this !!
Wonder what’s going on when you manage to get a feedback from the plant “hearing” the sound. Some biolarsen I guess.

For my information, how much was spent for this ? [EDIT $90 seems to be the amount…]

=> You may check CerebelUSB, should do the trick.

I’ve also been recommended Roland um one.


Only really want to send data from the plants to ableton, but wondered if the OP1 would “hear” data using it?