Midoriya vs T-Rex vs TEENAGE ENGINEERING OP-1 // 10 Minute Challenge

Hey pals.

I’m doing more of these OP-10 minute challenges. Inspired by against the clock, and other similar series, I wanted something that I could do myself. We can’t all be @docshermsticks & be invited to be on these shows :joy:

I encourage y’all to do the same if you like. If you put up videos of your own op-10, it would be great to get a shoutout as being my idea.


g’day big bad banksia man
another hot day in sydney…

that was a pretty abstract and weird track. nice one.

what i’d like to see you use for the OP1?ummm… how about sampling classic aussie surf films “crystal voyager” and “morning of the earth”?

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Haha, yes it was a bit off the rails wasn’t it?

Thanks for the suggestions, they sound really interesting! I’m not familiar with them, so I will check them out for sure.

So you’re in Australia yourself?

yep, live in sydney.

Cool! Playing any gigs?