Minilogue XD usb midi sync with Op-Z

Yo, I have problem with usb midi connection between Minilogue XD and OP-Z, can anyone here can confirm this connection works? I can sync OP-Z with iPad or Digitakt via usb but I have no luck with Minilogue. I have following settings on Minilogue :
Midi route - midi + usb
Midi channel 14
Clock source - auto (usb)
Rx transport - on
When I press play on OP-Z, sequencer on Minilogue won’t start, also when I’m on module track (channel 14) and sending notes, Minilogue won’t receive anything. I’m really disappointed because I was hoping for this to work and connect them via usb cable instead of Oplab which I returned because I was experiencing problems with it.

You can try a different midi track on the OPZ, I dont think you have to go through track 14. You could try track 1 for example and mute it on your OPZ. This will confirm if its the OPZ track (14) or the Minilogue. Tranks 1-8 can be transposed, which will help you sequencer your synth. You can also confirm the octave range of the Minilogue. OPZ has a fixed range of notes on tracks 9-16, which will limit the notes you can play on the synth.

Yes, I know about tracks, however, once I press play on OP-Z, sequencer on Minilogue should start as well with correct bpm, but this is not happening. I’m hoping that somebody here owns Minilogue or Monologue and can confirm that usb midi sync is working between those two. It looks like my Minilogue doesn’t receive any midi data via usb from my OP-Z :confused:

Korg’s usb is not class compliant.

Oh No, Just don’t tell me that I have to go back to this buggy unstable 150£ midi module. No, no way. Maybe iPad with AUM between these two would help, or midi to usb cable from Roland for example.

It’s pretty stable for me after updating the firmware on the module and the opz

Ok so I can synchronise OP-Z with Minilogue XD using AUM on iPad. Minilogue XD doesn’t need drivers for USB on iOS. So problem solved.

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