Missy Elliot's "Work It" Synth Sound

I have been trying to get the sound of the first initial synth that plays after drums and the record scratch. I know Timbaland produced it. I read it was MiniMoog so I bought the pack off OP-1 Center but the sound isn’t there. I’ve been messing with the synth engines but none of them have it, either. I really want that exact sound, or as close as possible. I know you guys know how to work some OP-1 magic, so what have you got?

If you’re talking about the first synth sound (ie. not the mini main lead), I gues your starting point could be something resembling a 303 acid bassline. I’d have to check, but the op1f might just have what you need. I’m not in front of the unit, but I think I can remember some presets leaning towards that acid 303 sound.
Dunno if that helps at all.
Will update as soon as I can test this

Something like this might be a good starting point

Very cool, but sadly I have an OG OP-1. Is there an option for that?

Then I guess, back to sampling a 303 note with filter and reso and tweaking it on the OG1!
That should do it.
There is a lot going on in that sound. It’s monophonic, filtered a lot, acid but still popish, packing a tone but not so much punch…it is doable.