Mix eurorack level with OP-Z

I’ve got a desktop synth and a small eurorack system, which both were supposed to be an addition to my OP-Z. However, I get to use the Z less and less, and one of the problems is that there’s no reliable way of mixing these together.

For now I plug them into Volca Mix. The stereo channel of Volca then carries the OP-Z signal, while the two others are used for the eurorack and the desktop synth.

It generally works, but sometimes I would forget to even out the levels and get an unpleasant loud mess as a result. I guess it’s time to get rid of Volca and get a module instead.

For that I’d look for something that is able to output stereo, and mix in at least one stereo channel. Ideally, that should be a single module with a headphone amp. Also, the stereo input should take care of bringing the Z level to the overall system level, or have at least a visual separation.

How do you deal with it? I see a lot of OP-Z + eurorack setups on YouTube / Instagram, but it’s hard to tell whether someone’s setup makes sense for them from just a video.

For this i use the Roland 531 mix module. It has a stereo input pre amp.
But it is also a six input mixer with cv pan.
And it is pricey.

I would go with one of the new dreadbox modules, eudemonia for instance! lp/hp Filter, Mixer, Vca. 89,-

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Oh sweet, I was considering utopia for that matter, but overlooked the eudemonia. But for such a simple module there’s plenty of options, i.e. doepfer or bastl modules in the same price range.

Sweet, thanks! Why did you go for this one over the others?

Ocd and because it is a great module.

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I thought about getting a eurorack system, so I had the problem the other way around.
I thought about getting the Pittsberg Modular Lifeforms System Interface. I’m not completely sure, but I think it should be able to bring the z to eurorack lvl and you have a headphone cue as well.

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Not sure if it is able to take stereo input in a single jack (apart from the aux in). Can’t tell from the manual either.

If it is possible, I’d buy it. It has a nice price point, and I like the Pittsburgh Modular charm :smiley: