Mixer/Master Out Help

Hey all, I’m very new to the OP-1 so bear with me here. This is a 2 a part question. The first part… When sampling how do I know what the proper audio level is for audio coming into the OP-1 via external device. I know how to raise and lower the gain but I don’t see any type of Db reading.

The second part of my question is regarding the mixer master out (T4 in mixer mode). I am trying to get the loudest/properly compressed output as possible. What do the levels with the "RG and “LG” represent? I notice as I raise the left and right audio levels, or the drive, that they begin blinking and then start bouncing downward. Does that represent clipping? I’ve read through the manual and watched many tutorials with no luck on finding detailed information.
Again, sorry for my ignorance on this matter, any tips/ info is greatly appreciated!

crank the Release, and they’ll move more slowly (since the release of the compressor is longer). As the sound hammers the Drive/Release (compressor), the higher value makes it sorta ‘pump’ so it’s basically just a visual representation of what the compressor is doing.

That was a great explaination and very helpful! Thanks KrisM!
So I should resort to the VU meter lights on the right side of the OP-1 to ensure my output is not clipping?

I don’t entirely trust those LEDs, but for the most part blipping against the red one should be fine

I thought they were gain reduction meters, showing how much the drive was pushing the sound above the normal threshold of the OP-1s outs.

So when it comes time to complete (mixing/master) a “song” do you work in a DAW? The main purpose of my original question was to figure out if it was possible to finalize a track for soundcloud/disc/etc right within the OP-1.

-Tarekith, I was thinking the same thing. However, after playing around with the settings, while keeping an eye on the VU meter (lights on the right side of the OP-1), KrisM’s explanation makes the most sense.

I had been researching the OP-1 for months and about a week before I finally took the plunge I found ohpeewon.com. By the time my OP-1 arrived the site was down. I just want to say thanks again for the quick responses, this forum is an awesome resource and you guys have been a great help.