Mixer page won’t stay locked in latest firmware?

Hi I’m trying to lock mixer page by pressing mixer button and screen button but nothings happening. Is there something I’m missing?? Thanks in advance for any knowledge on this

what is the screen button?

I’ve never done this, and I didn’t even know that you could lock a page so i’m curious.

EDIT: LOL thought this was an OP-1 question, my bad

which product ? you are in the ‘help’ section

If this is on the OP-Z, triple click the mixer button to lock the mixer screen in the app…

Thought I’m in OP-Z help section?

Killer man thanks a ton for the quick reply. Is there literature for this somewhere?

It is since 1.2.28 you can read about it here:

main docs were updated with this too…


Damn :man_facepalming:t2: don’t know how I missed that. Thanks everybody who chimed in…will go work on my reading skills now. OP-Z RULES​:metal:t4: