Mixer recommendation

Hey guys,

could somebody recommend some audio mixer gear? I need something I can mix the OP-Z and the OP-1 with. Would also be cool if this setup would be expandable in the later future. Don’t have them jet but would be cool if I could later add a Digitakt and Digitone to my setup without needing a new mixer. Moreover an output directly to the PC via USB (like a Soundcard) would also be very helpful…

Thank you

for stereo kit like this, you’d end up needing no fewer than 8 tracks. add a couple of outboard effects and you’re looking at the stuff like mackie 1202 or larger if you like it analogue. or k-mix for something more hybrid like usb. or an alesis multimix. or a zoom livetrak. or a sound devices mixpre-m. or a tiny passive minijack mixer that doesn’t offer anything other than summing but is so cheap and useful you’d end up buying at least two to have as utilities hanging right off the cables - you can find it elsewhere in this forum.

but before you have a more definite plan (and budget) it really could be anything.

Lets discuss this! I could definitely ditch the pc connectivity. I googled now for hours but people are kinda arguing about the “ghosts in the machine”… analog/digital.

From what I’ve read so far…I would want to go with analog. Budget…at the moment surely not more than 300 I think. Someone decided a boss bx-8/80 to me. There are different opinions on it too. For sure I’d want something that adds character. Especially the OP-1 needs some. I would prefer sliders…and a nice overdrive - distortion character…

To sum up: something that adds character but is not too muddy and can get pretty angry when overdriven…8 channels are enough

this might a be left of field…but have a look at the roland VS series.
they are a harddisk recorders (with DAW style editing).
no one buys a hard disk recorder these days so they are really cheap (the 1680 sells for between $100–200). the thing is, these the units are also a digital mixer.

the quality and features of these machines is great… long throw faders. some models even motorised faders. good effects. lots of connectivity. very flexible routing, inserts, bussing etc. it also has full midi, time code, mtc.
and if you want, you can record and arrange on it, and skip the computer.

if your looking for something small, have a look at rolls mixers. korg is also offering a mixer for their volcas. or you take one of the yamahas, which also have an audio interface. but these are made for clear response. for distortion you schould maybe look for an old tascam tape recorder with built in mixer

or you go modular, grab an doepfer lc3 and fill it up with erorack mixers. more expensive, but very versatile and you can crunch your sound as you like

I have a Yamaha MG12xu - I’ve had it about 2 years & I like it a lot. It has an audio interface as well (even tho it’s a 12 channel mixer I think it only has a 2 channel audio interface). It has fx sends, also has it’s own effects (you can get a mixer in the Yamaha MG series without effects, also less or more channels). It has phantom power for a condenser mic. Compressor on all mono channels. EQ. A lot of routing possibilities. I’m very happy with mine & haven’t had ANY issues since I got it 2 years ago (plus I use it DAILY).

I think the Yamaha MG series are good quality mixers for the price.

mackie 1202 and recording 10-12 channels into RME UCX via focusrite scarlett octopre - most of the time i don’t worry about routing - just track all the channels + guide mix straight into Logic

nice about this is even though it ain’t cheap (and is by no means expensive) you don’t have to buy all pieces at the same time. if i was doing it again i’d seek a mixer with direct outs