Mixer USB to iPhone Distorted


I have a Wharfedale connect mixer with USB audio out. It works fine with my laptop which I can control the input level, but if I plug the mixer USB out into my Camera Connection Kit and iPhone then if there is any heavy beat or bass the audio that gets recorded to a video is distorted.

Is there a way to turn down the input level on iOS?


if u are not able to adjust the volume on your mixer itself
then u may need a third party video app that has this feature
i dont believe the native video app allows u to control the level.

Thanks, if I turn down each channel on the mixer then it it reduces the volume on the usb out. Then I can increase the output in headphones.

No visual indicator of the usb out level so it will either take some (unreliable) experimentation or a different video app as you suggested. Cheers.