Mixer with 1/8" inputs? Also, 1/8" cables

My collection of mobile music making devices with 1/8" outputs (OP-1, Volca Keys, Volca FM, PO-20, MS-20 Mini - ok the last one ain’t mobile but whatever…) has proliferated enough that I’m considering getting a mixer with 1/8" inputs, at least for submixing before input into my current mixer. Any thoughts on this one?


I’ll also need 1/8" to 1/8" cables. Any thoughts on these?

I have that Rolls mixer and it’s pretty good for the money. My mobile rig has surpassed 4 channels, so I got a bigger (powered) mixer, but I still use the Rolls for sync distribution. Recommended!

Check out monoprice.com for cables. I’ve had good luck with them. Half the price too!