Mixers with AUX Sends

I’m looking for a little(ish) mixer with a minimum of 6 channels that has two (or more if possible) AUX SENDS (and Returns) that will allow me to plug in all my little sound making toys to the mixer channels then be able to selectively send the channels to two effects units (at the moment a Zoom Pedal and a Kaoss Pad then return the sound back to the Mixer to the master output.

Most small desk/portable mixers only have one AUX send that can be used for effects.
Some have one AUX send for external effects as well as having on-board effects too.
Hardly any have TWO aux sends though :frowning:

The two i’ve found are
- Mackie 1202 vlz4 (£240)
- Samson MDR1064 (£160)

I think my favourite of the two would be the Mackie. It is a lot more expensive than I was wanting to spend but it is a better brand and also a more recent model. The Samson has been around since 2005 i think!

Anyone got any other suggestions.

I would like the mixer to be “portable” so not looking for massive mixing desks. :wink:

I’ve got the 802vlz4 and the 1202vlz3
Very happy with both.
Also, the mute/alt3-4 feature offers even more routing flexibility. (E.g. In my setup, the 3/4 output goes to my mpc input, so anything can be routed thru the mpc at a push of a button)

mackies are really nice

a couple other that might be worth checking out

Peavey PV series

and those new yamaha mixers look pretty fresh too