Mixing tracks, recording reverse played tape

Hi All!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, well, because I haven’t played with my OP-1 for even a longer while.
I’m always in need of a basic soundtrack when I edit my flying (acrobatic fpv quadcopter freestyle) videos and since about a year my wonderful OP-1 became the most awesome soundtrack tool.

Anyway, ran into a puzzle last night…

  1. Is it possible to record tape tracks back onto tape as played in reverse without the use of album recording?

  2. Is it possible to mix tracks into a single track without the use of album recording?

Any thoughts appreciated.

1 i dont think so. u can record in reverse, but it doesn’t playback the reversed tape track and then record forward. it plays back in reverse and records in reverse so really just the same as recording forwards.
instead of album, u can also use the drum sampler or synth sampler as a middle man

2 yes use ear (shift + mic menu)

aaah words of wisdom. The mighty Ear. Thank you.