Mixtape Alpha


I´ve just see some fellow users at the PO-12 topic talking about the Mixtape Alpha, a compact synth that I didn´t know about. I checked their homepage (https://www.crowdsupply.com/open-music-labs/mixtape-alpha) and it´s still available and looks really cool. Someone here owns one? What do you think about it? What should I expect?


that demo does a pretty good job of showing you its sounds(which are unique.) Pitch isnt chromatic its just all over the place which limits its functionality. its a fun toy. a bit overpriced for its functionality. when it first came out several years ago I was amazed how much sonic power they were coaxing out of microcontrollers; thats why i bought it then. now were at the PO-12… Id would say dont get it and wait for a po12. or for a similar yet much better/more powerful device get one of the monotrons. or disregard all this and get a mixtape alpha and enjoy! its certainly unique.