MOD DUO on Kickstarter

hello op-people ! :slight_smile:

first, sorry if this sounds like spam. i don’t really like this kind of post but i am doing this for a good reason :wink:

I am working on this project called MOD for quite some time… you can check more about it here:

… basically it is an super flexible sound processor, based on open source / free software / open standards technology. you can install any LV2 plugin (kind of an open source version of the VST standard), configure your virtual pedalboards using a computer (usb or bluetooth connection), then leave your computer behind and take only the pedal to the studio/stage. you can save as many pedalboards you need and organize it using banks. you can also share and download other user’s pedalboards / sounds… the way you configure your patches is like in puredata / max… you can connect as many outs to ins, parallel, serial, whatever… it’s really flexible

for op-1 users (like myself :)) a cool feature is that it has usb-host port and also midi in/out, you can use the op-1 to control a LV2 synth for example or control the op-1 from another midi device using the midi-in → USB host port, or even use an usb hub and connect other usb-midi devices… we are also developing sequencers, arpeggiators, and other midi utilities as LV2 plugins… well, you can imagine the possibilities as anyone can develop their own LV2 plugin :wink:

BUT… the main reason i’m posting this here is that the MOD DUO will be launched wednesday on Kickstarter and the first buyers (early bird pledge) will have a huge discount, so I wanted to let you all know before it goes live. I really enjoy this community here and I know you like this kind of stuff… :slight_smile:

well, if you think this is not cool to post here, because i am one of the MOD developers, feel free to delete the post please… otherwise, if you have any questions, let me know :slight_smile:


(ps. there is a video on of me using the op-1 and the MOD QUADRA while my girlfriends plays the flute … :P)



I don’t mind, but if this was your first post then things might be different, though :wink:

My curiosity is piqued, at least. The Plugins page isn’t loading for me, unfortunately. The Duo is a little small for me to replace my POD HD 500X with it, though.

hey @KrisM :slight_smile:

hehe, it’s not my first post here, but i confess was more active on the ohpeewon, joined a few battles and all … :slight_smile:

what browse / os are you using? plugins page is working ok here (linux/chromium)

seems it was a sketchy connection, working okay, now. Man there are a lot, but it’s a bit of a pain to scroll through that way. Be nicer if they were organized by categories or something. It’s really awkward right now.

That’s super interesting @brunogola. I’m really tempted to get one! Any advance info on the pricing? =) Around what time will you launch on Wednesday?

It looks great. I am most definitely interested.

Great product!

hey, thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@KrisM there is a filter by plugin category on the top-left

@vehka for the early bird pledge the price will be $299, then it goes to $349. the kickstarter campaign will go live around 9am (california)

Hope the Kickstarter site will be more informative, I have many questions @brunogola! =)

* Can you route audio via the USB port? (i.e. is it a class-compliant USB audio device as well?)
* I suppose there are two inputs & two outputs for the audio?
* Can I just upload any LV2 plugins to the unit, or is there some kind of application process? Yes I can.
* What’s the latency?

hey @vehka

- Can you route audio via the USB port? (i.e. is it a class-compliant USB audio device as well?)

yes, it already works as a 16bit USB audio device (using the USB device port), and we have a stretch goal on kickstarter to support 24bit

- I suppose there are two inputs & two outputs for the audio?

right :slight_smile:

- Can I just upload any LV2 plugins to the unit, or is there some kind of application process?

yes, we use standard LV2 plugins. you can even ssh to it and do whatever you want…

- What’s the latency?

you can change the jackd n frames settings for performance X quality (64 or 128), we are still optimizing it, but today the round trip latency is about 5ms

thanks for the questions, we will try to make everything clear on the kickstarter page :slight_smile:

I think I’m sold! =) Good luck with the launch @brunogola!

I see filter by type, but it only gives me blank or all @brunogola

Opera 24 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 if that helps.

Still a cool widget, I don’t think it can replace my POD HD500X (the Quadra might…) since I like having the extra foot buttons, but this thing makes me think of it a lot like my Patchblocks.

@KrisM i don’t have opera to test, will ask someone here. thanks for the feedback

about extra foot buttons or knobs, we developed this open communication interface called Control Chain, so other devices can communicate with the MOD devices

we already have an extra foot device with 4 foot switches with a small lcd screen, an expression pedal and we are also finishing our arduino shield and library (open hardware). with the shield and the lib one can build whatever extra controller they need over the control chain interface… and you can create a chain of many devices at once :wink:

thanks for the info, got a bit more interesting, now… May need to dust off my Uno.

Probably help if I looked a teensy bit more closely at the site, too >.>

Ahh man, i just picked up some pedals.

it’s live MOD Duo: The limitless multi-effects pedal. by MOD Devices — Kickstarter :slight_smile:

the cost for this system to compete halfway decently against my POD HD500X is just too high for me to justify =/ I also see that the footswitch extender and expression pedal have been raised to $84/86 vs $76, making the case for this even worse than when I did my cost calculations a few minutes ago. If I didn’t already have a large digital multifx floorboard I’d be considering it, though.

But it seems the campaign is going well already, so good luck :slight_smile:

edit - what is the “up to x number of plugins” that can the MOD Duo support at once?

@KrisM hm, depends on the plugins. for example, pitch shifters, harmonizer, etc consume much more CPU than delays or loopers…

there is a CPU load meter on the user interface to help you when your’e building your pedalboard :slight_smile: but you can check some pedalboards and the videos on the website to have an idea:

obviously it depends, lol, but that CPU load meter is better than “lol you can use up to 20 of these low-dsp plugins!” anyway, so thanks for doing that (I don’t think anyone else does, iirc my POD just flashes a DSP error/warning if you get too close -_- )

Kickstarter seems to be going pretty well at least. almost halfway there last time I checked!