I just got my Kickstarter backed SKULPT Synth yesterday - haven’t done much with it yet except listen to a few presets and turn a few knobs. It’s similar in size to the OP-1 and seems like it might make for a good companion.

Wondered if anyone else here got one as well. (This site seems to be an “all OPZ - all the time” place these days…)

yeah, that thing looks cool. it has one thing I wish the op-z had, an android app!

@mrclean how does it compares with the op-1 in sound quality?

I’d like to know also :wink: skulpt look wicked

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Sound quality is top-notch really. It has both a headphone out and a line out. I also like the fact it has real midi jacks. The touch keyboard is nice for on the go but for recording it is better to hook a controller keyboard up.