Modular: Doepfer A-190-3 instead of OpLab for USB -> CV?


I have the a-190-3 in my eurorack for connecting my computer or iPad. Sadly the reqired USB-Plugs are a little bit special in combination to try it out with the OP1. Has anyone tried connecting the OP1 via the USB/Midi/CV module? If so I would start the search for a matching USB cable.

you want something like this instead:

Supposedly released next month.

You can’t plug the OP-1 into that Doepfer because the Doepfer is meant to plug into a computer or some other thing with USB Host.

So the op1 is not a usb Midi Host? But the manual says, it sends Midi Over usb. Strange.

It is not a USB Host, but may be someday. It is supposed to be. However, with the current firmware, it is not.