Modular kits for OP-Z

Hi guys,
I prepared a bunch of kits for OP-Z made from my eurorack modular.

You’ll get:

  • 2 kicks kits (1 exclusively made from 0-coast synth, 1 from the eurorack modular)
  • 4 percussions kits (1 exclusively from 0-coast synth, 3 from eurorack modular).
  • 2 basses kits (modular and also a very few LYRA-4 basses to complete the kit).

The sounds are raw (no post-processing) and are the result of a rather long sound design process, not just a collection of random stuff and tweakings.
They all have been normalized and optimized in terms of size (they are arounf 0.5Mb each except basses 1Mb).
Maybe of some use for you guys.
Give me feedback of you like them :slight_smile:
They are completely free.

edit: for those interested my modular has mainly Schippmann modules that are not very well known but have a very particular (and incredibly beautiful) sounding, you won’t find such thing every corner :wink:
It’s not obvious with drums, but bass sounds have more of this “Schippmann touch”.

I intend to do more bass and FX sounds later.

Hey, thanks for all these! :slight_smile: That’s very nice of you!

Thanks! That’s a nice gift :slight_smile:

Here’s mine:

All the sounds are from banging and twisting the springs and knobs of a modified ekdahl moisturizer reverb.

edit: it’s also free

my pleasure, thx for the moisturizer kits emp :slight_smile:

I think that your kits are really well made.
I recommend them to anyone who wants to have a nice addition to the stock samples.

I’m keeping them on my opz.
Great kicks and glitches!

Thanks again for giving it for free.

Jamming with your kits now! Thanks for sharing, I’m inspired to do some with the 0-coast.

Hehe cool that they are appreciated, that’s far enough of a payment for me :slight_smile:
I’m preparing (slowly) FX’s and more basses. Short basses kits with 24 sounds and also kits with 6 to 12 sounds (samples between 1 to 2 secs to be played gated).

I finally got a friend’s mac to load my samples (I like them as well :p) but the op-z doesn’t seem to save the kits loaded in tracks 5-8. Only on tracks 1-4. Same for you? Tracks 5-8 are only for engines?

You can save samples in tracks 5-8 but they have to be “synth samples”. I’ve brought some in from my op-1. Not sure how to do it without one. I’m sure there’s a way.

Yes it works with op-1 samples.
They have to be 6 seconds long max for synth.
Someone made this site for “formating” samples.