Modular lessons for POM 400 and POM 170 - Become a Modular Operator

I’ve made a series of lessons for the Pocket Operator Modular synths. There will be a new video once a week 'till we reach six episods in total. The techniques will get more advanced as we go on. I hope that you’ll enjoy them! :slight_smile:

Episode 1: "Your First Patch"
Let’s start from the beginning and talk about the foundation of modular synthesis. Learn what the modules do on both the 170 and the 400 system and I’ll walk you through “your first patch”.
Modular Operator pt. 1 - Your First Patch - Teenage Engineering POM 170 and POM 400

Episode 2: "The Secret Oscillator"
Let’s check out a neat little trick you can do with both the 170 and 400 systems. Really experimental sci-fi vibes in this one!
Modular Operator pt. 2 - The Secret Oscillator - Teenage Engineering POM 170 and POM 400

Episode 3: "Patching in Stereo"
If you have a 400 system and a cool patch then you need to make it stereo for even more coolness!
Modular Operator pt. 3 - Patching in Stereo - Teenage Engineering POM 400


Three episodes added so far! :star_struck:
Please let me know what you think! :pray:


Stop it, you’re gonna make me buy a PO400!!!

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Please don’t stop at 6 episodes, they’re awesome.


Haha I’m sorry dude but the G.A.S. must be spread! :smiling_imp:

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Oh that’s so sweet of you to say! :heart_eyes: If the respons is good I’ll consider it for sure! :innocent: Thank you so much for watching! New episode will be up tomorrow btw! :partying_face:


New episode out today! :partying_face:

Episode 4 - ”The Sub-Oscillator”
Modular Operator pt. 4 - The Sub-Oscillator - Teenage Engineering POM 400
Let’s learn how to make your very own home made sub-oscillator with the POM 400’s random module!


nice one!


Thank you dude! So glad you like it! :pray::smiley: A new episode had just been released :slight_smile:


I hope you’ll like it! :smiley:

Episode 5: ”The Kick and Snare Patch
This is one of my favourites! Learn how to make two drum sounds and how to combine them into a groovey beat!
Modular Operator pt. 5 - The Kick and Snare Patch - Teenage Engineering POM 400


Last episode of the series is now LIVE! :partying_face:

Episode 6: ”OP-Z Setup and Transposing Melodies”
This episode is so much more then just ”setting up the OP-Z”. I show you how to transpose melodies so you can evolve your modular sequences into songs and how useful parameter locking can be with a modular! And much more! Hope you’ll like it! :smiley:
Modular Operator pt. 6 - OP-Z Setup and Transposing Melodies - Teenage Engineering POM 400 / POM 170

Would you like to see more episodes of this series in the future? If you have any ideas for future episodes please let me know! :pray:



Just great!

Maybe a little connection between the POM 400 & POM170 including a pocket operator?
The last episode is just awesome. :heart_eyes:

Or maybe some kind of ambient sounds?
What kind of music do you make on the POMs and how does your setup looks like?

I would like to connect the whole family, I have the POM 400 & 170, OP Z, OP-1 and the PO KO.
How would you connect these devices for getting the most of this setup?

Thanks in advance!