Mogees - They're back with another Kickstarter campaign

Since there was some interest in Mogees last year, I figured I’d start a fresh thread instead of burying it in the GAS thread.

They of course claim this next generation of Mogees is improved in every possible way (hardware, whatever). Backers of the previous Mogees project can get a new Mogee for &75 (25% off) pledge.

I was mad when it first dropped because they were releasing a brand new app and forcing OG mogees owners to keep using bullshit ass test flight but they figured out that the old sensor works with the new app

I should at least try my OG Mogee with the app - with just 3 days to go before this new campaign closes. I held off on doing that because I didn’t trust IOS 8. Now my iDevices are on IOS 9.x.

I’m glad the app is out on the iTunes store now instead of test flight.

If my Mogee trial is a total fail, then not another cent is going from me to them.

They finally sent out my Android one, and it just plain didn’t work.

They sent out a nice apology later on, but the problems I saw in the test version didn’t match the claims exactly…

They’ve even given up on Android this time as I recall @johnl

so its a piezo trigger>?

I tried to play with my 1st-gen Mogees, but the app is asking for a registration code. It claims the code is on a piece of paper inside the Mogees case, but there’s nothing inside the case.

I sent an email stating that my decision on whether or not to fund the 2nd-gen Mogees is contingent of their sending me the code in a timely manner.

As far as what it does (assuming we’re talking about both 1st and 2nd gen, and that they don’t screw something up like forget to send you reg/activation code or the hardware is f’ed up) , and why no Android - all that info is on the 2nd-gen Kickstarter page.

Yo - surprised to see Mogees mentioned here (im a lurker on the op-1 forums and am one of the guys that makes mogees) - Were going to send all of the original kickstarter backers the registration code to download the new Mogees app when the kickstarter is over. The piece of paper thats mentioned is for the new sensors which havent been shipped out yet. @Governor since you’ve already got a mogees, lemmie know if you’d like to receive beta test the new app for us (its version 0.9.8 now). Its still TestFlight at the moment but once the kickstarter is over its going to be on the App Store (at long last!)

Cheers to the Mogees support staff for responding quickly to my issue with the registration code.

I now have the TestFlight Mogees app installed and am looking forward to playing with the 1st-gen Mogees tonight.