Mono sound output, even when using stereo cables right?

Hi pocket operator users and fans!

My name is Jose, this is my first time posting here, I´m a pocket operator fan!
I´m working on a few hacks at the moment, and came up with the following question.

Even when using stereo cables, both channels carry the same source sound right?

I´m working on a mixer that will enable to connect pocket operators and a guitar and mix them to a common output which in my case it will be a guitar amp.

I´m not sure if make it passive or active, so I´m working on both version at the moment.


Yes dual mono or audio and sync depending on sync mode. If going into a guitar amp a passive mixer will be perfect, you can make up the gain on the amp - assuming your guitar amp has a line input and guitar input.

…dare…wheres your pitch? :wink:

@darenager Thanks a lot for the info, by the way I got inspired on your mixers for building mine!
My guitar amp does not has line input(single input, 5 watt tube amp), I plan to have 2 selectable outputs, an stereo 3.5mm for recording purposes and a 1/4" jack to connect directly to the guitar amp and jam along (guitar fx pedals will go before the mixer so not to add fx to the pocket operators).
Volume potentiometers onboard, and a sync clock distribution system with opamps is stuff I´ve been thinking of.