Monophonic Sampler


Got my op1 2 days ago and starting to understand it.
One thing i’m missing or cant find.

Is it possible to change from poly to mono with the drum sampler?
I’ve got a sample and i want the next button I trigger to killed the sound playing before.

In synth mode I find this when hitting Shift in Envelope window. But not in sampler mode.

na i dont think so.

the only thing u can do is change how each key plays w/ shift + orange knob i think. u can switch to/from one-shot, loop, and gate.

would be a cool feature tho.

what i usually do to get around this is to copy the sound to another key and have a long and short one, so u can still get the same effect. or u can just use gate and release your keys when u press new ones

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Kinda like mute groups MPC style. Yeah, I’ve just been adjusting the length of samples to “choke” on time. Mute groups should be top priority when it comes to samplers imo.

I believe this can easily be added to the OP-1 if more people requested it.

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Can’t do. Best thing is you can do a "note Off’ type thing where the sound only plays as you hold down the key.